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Hi, I'm Claire.


I’m a Green Party member, Parish Councillor and climate activist. I live in a village in South Staffordshire. I have three grown-up children and two grandchildren. 

Claire reading a story to her grandson
How did I get here?


Well, for the past thirty years, I’ve been concerned about the effects of climate change, even when it wasn’t on most people’s radar. 

After school, I trained as a psychiatric nurse but took a break from my career to have children. When they were all in school, I went to university and got a degree in Public Health, followed by a series of roles supporting vulnerable teenagers. Later on, I trained as a counsellor and became a qualified talking therapist.

A young Claire
Finding my calling.


Thanks to my experiences, I realised early on that my life’s mission was to improve people’s health and wellbeing, especially that of our children. An important part of this was improving social justice, but I knew that there was no future at all if we continued to ignore the impending effects of climate change. 

Eventually, I made the leap and vowed to devote my life to fighting for a better world.

Claire with her family
Making it happen.


My determination was strengthened when I completed the Climate Reality Leadership Corps in Istanbul in 2013. This week-long training event was delivered by leading scientists and experts, including former US vice-president Al Gore. 

In 2011, I became an active member of the Green Party and helped to found the South Staffordshire Green Party. I’ve since stood in seven general and local elections, becoming Parish Councillor for Wombourne South West in 2019. 

In 2018, I joined Extinction Rebellion (XR). As an XR activist, I’ve been part of four non-violent direct actions designed to compel the government into taking action.

Claire standing next to a street sign that says Extinction Square, Sea of Westminster
What's next?


I continue my work as an active member of XR and other climate change groups. I remain active in the local community, volunteering and helping out wherever I can. 

I'm excited about the next chapter, and I hope that you are too. 

Claire posing with other members of the local Green Party
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