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Claire is one of the founding members of the South Staffordshire Green Party. She has represented the party in three general elections and  three local elections, becoming Parish Councillor for Wombourne South West in 2019. Claire stands with the Green Party in fighting for climate action and a fairer society for all. She fully supports the party's Green New Deal which will fund improvements in...


Replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. Invest in building 100,000 energy-efficient homes and proper insulation for existing properties.


Deliver a public and sustainable transport revolution, with people able to travel cheaply and safely on new trains, buses, cycleways and footpaths.


Drastically increase UK manufacturing. Invest in training people on the skills needed to access millions of new green jobs that will be created.


Create a Universal Basic Income - a flat rate of £89 a week paid unconditionally to every adult in the UK, creating financial security for everyone.

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