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Claire comes close second with 44% of the vote

Green candidate Claire McIlvenna achieves biggest share of the vote yet, just 6 points behind Conservatives, in Wombourne South East by-election.

Following the sad death of Councillor Reginald Williams, Wombourne South East residents headed to the polls on 28th October 2021 to vote for a new South Staffordshire District Council representative.

The results were:

  • Conservative: 50.3% (-22.7)

  • Green: 43.9% (+43.9)

  • Labour: 5.7% (-21.3)

After the results were announced, Green supporters took to Twitter to voice their feelings, with Nate Higgins commenting, "Oooof. Incredible first time performance for Greens. Next time!" and Benjamin Smith tweeting, "That's a hell of a swing."

Claire said, "The results speak for themselves really. To come this close to the Conservatives in what is a very safe seat for them here in Wombourne, well, it's a phenomenal result isn't it?"

Claire continued, "Of course I'm disappointed we didn't win this time, but I'm so proud of what we've achieved. I want to thank everyone who went out and voted for me, and the amazing team who worked so hard campaigning alongside me.

"I'll carry on working to protect our green spaces and serve our community in my role as Parish Councillor. And I'll continue to stand in more elections in the future."

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