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Leafleting underway for county election

Claire McIlvenna has been hard at work delivering leaflets across Wombourne ahead of the South Staffordshire County Election on May 6.

Leaflets advertising Claire McIlvenna as the Green Party candidate for Wombourne in the May 6 county election.

The leaflets for Green Party candidate Claire outline her commitments to the local area, including protecting green belt land from development, improving public transport and supporting local businesses.

Claire says, "Delivering the leaflets has been absolutely great so far. I've had some lovely conversations and fantastic feedback from people who are impressed to see a candidate deliver in person.

"A particular favourite was the lovely gentleman who shouted across the street, "Oh look, it's Mrs. Green Party!"

"This is the sixth time I've stood in an election, and I'm eager to keep up the momentum of increasing votes. This time, with the Green Party gaining popularity, it would be a huge boost to see our votes surge."

Wombourne residents can vote for Claire in the May 6 election. If you're not registered to vote, you can do so here.

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